Monday, August 29, 2011

The Squirrel's Pilgrim's Progress/Google Books

Title The Squirrel's Pilgrim's Progress: A Book for Boys and Girls
Author J. D. Williams
Illustrated by H. Wood
Publisher Laird & Lee, inc., 1915
Length 174 pages
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Not far from the city of ants, Tiny halted to refresh himself with an acorn. "This country is delightful," he said to himself.

"A squirrel does not often see such a beautiful scene. He has little knowledge of the great world. I was discontented not long ago, but now I am happy. I am glad that I saw the ants and their city. They are very industrious creatures. All have much work to do, yet they do it willingly. They don't seem to wish to be idle. Ants never before were interesting to me, but now I admire them very much. You have taught me a lesson, friend ant." He sat still for a few moments gazing around him. Suddenly he saw a spider busy at work upon her country home. She wore a snuff-brown jacket dashed with purple, and her legs were striped like those of a tiger.

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