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Little Arthur at the Zoo(Birds)/ Google Books

Little Arthur at the Zoo, and the birds he saw there
By Mary Seymour
Published by T. Nelson and Sons, 1887

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Count up the sunny days : a story for girls/Internet Archives

Appears to be appropriate for ages 9-12. The writing style is not as meandering as many Victorian books. This book looks like a pleasant read for young people. I only skimmed through the first five pages, so I could not give a synopsis of the story.

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Devotional Poetry for the Children/Internet Archives

This book was published in 1870 by the Society of Friends(Quakers).

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The Children's Six Minutes/Project Gutenberg


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Mini-sermons for children with Scripture(Methodist Church)

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Favorite Songs and Hymns for School and Home/Google Books

Favorite Songs and Hymns for School and Home: Containing Four Hundred and Fifty of the World's Best Songs and Hymns, Including National Songs and Many Songs of Days : Also, the Elements of Music and Twenty-five Responsive Scriptural Readings
By John Piersol McCaskey
Published by American Book Company, 1899
400 pages

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Songs for Catholic Schools and Aids to Memory for the Catechism/Google Books

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A History of Spain for Young Persons/Google Books

A History of Spain for Young Persons
By Bennett George Johns
Contributor Joseph Masters, W. & E. Pickering
Published by Joseph Masters, 1849
212 pages
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Little Jan the Dutch Boy/Google Books

Story of Little Jan, the Dutch Boy
By Helen L. Campbell, Helen Mary Campbell
Published by Educational Publishing Co., 1905
100 pages
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Third Grade Unit Study to be used with the Little Cousins/Twins Series and/or Peeps from Many Lands Series

This is a third grade unit study lesson/teacher outline from Socializing the Child(see section VI)
for the countries of Holland, Germany, Japan, and France. Also includes children's book recommendations for further reading at the end of each section.

Main page
Socializing the Child: A Guide to the Teaching of History in the Primary Grades
By Sarah Ann Dynes
Published by Silver, Burdett and company, 1916
302 pages

To be used with any of these reading resources: Peeps from Many Lands, The Twins Series, and the Little Cousins Series:

Our Little Dutch Cousin
Our Little French Cousin
The Japanese Twins

Our Little German Cousin(mislabeled title by Project Gutenberg as simply, "Bertha", just ignore this and click through.)

Also see other graded resources for geography and social studies at An Old Fashioned Education.

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"Say Fellows-": Fifty Practical Talks with Boys on Life's Big Issues/Project Gutenberg

Adapted from the Author's weekly Sunday School
Lesson Treatments in The Sunday School Times,
by permission of the Editors.
Fleming H. Revell Company

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Saint Patrick and Irish Children's Stories, Activities and Music

To print pages, right click on the image of the page, and then print picture or save picture. Make sure the page is on HMTL(bottom right on sidebar). I should have defaulted all these links to come up as HMTL. Get to main download page by clicking through, "Write review", then "About book". Sorry, they have changed things since I wrote this post last year. I've bumped this up from 3/11/08.

Stories of Saints, 1880, about a fourth grade reading level and up.

The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints, 1866, detailed history for older children.

The Every-day Book and Table Book , Saint Patrick biography for older students

Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints: With Reflections for Every Day in the ... - Page 171 , middle elementary grade reading level.

Saint Patrick from Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman, middle elementary reading level and up.

The Seven Champions of Christendom: A New Version from the Most Ancient , Saint Patrick, middle elementary reading level and up.

Children's Stories and how to Tell Them, BARNEY NOONAN'S FAIRY HAYMAKERS (Re-told from the Irish) .

World Stories Retold for Modern Boys and Girls: One Hundred and Eighty-seven ... - Page 86 , Saint Patrick and the Snakes.

The Mary Dawson game book: a manual of original games and guessing contests, didactic games, good for unit studies.

Child-garden: Story, Song, Play, The Four-Leaved Clover, Kindergarten

The World and Its People, Ireland where the Shamrock Grows, fifth grade

The American Normal Readers: Fourth Grade, An Irish legend.

Golden Rod Fairy Book, THE FIELD OF BOLIAUNS


Irish Fairy Tales

Celtic Fairy Tales

Poems by Grades: Containing Poems Selected for Each Grade of the School , seventh grade, Song of the Clover(not specifically Irish)

An Elementary Class-book of General Geography, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

The Old-fashioned Fairy Book, THE LEPERHAUN. A Legend of the Emerald Isle.

Reading with Expression: Fifth grade, THE FAIRY SHOEMAKER

The American School Readers, Fourth Grade, The Magic Well

Child-garden: Story, Song, Play: The Four-Leaved Clover, elementary school.

The King Nobody Wanted/Project Gutenberg

"In a very real and interesting way, The King Nobody Wanted tells the story of Jesus. Where the actual words of the Bible are used, they are from the King James Version. But the greater part of the story is told in the words of every day.

Since you will certainly want to look up these stories in your own Bible, the references are given on pages 191 and 192. You will discover that often more than one Gospel tells the same story about Jesus, but in a slightly different way. In The King Nobody Wanted, the stories from the Gospels have been put together so that there is just one story for you to read and understand and enjoy."

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Champion Spelling Book/Google Books

Champion Spelling Book: For Public and Private Schools
By Warren Edwin Hicks
Published by American book company, 1909
238 pages

I believe this is for grades one - six, a section a grade.

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Mother Carey's Chickens/Google Books

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Mother Carey's Chickens
By Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 1911
355 pages

Mother Carey's Chickens
Amazon review: . Another heartwarming tale from the author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. In this story the reader follows a strong-willed widow, Nancy Carey, as she struggles for the future of her beautiful daughters Nancy and Kitty and her beloved son Peter. Good humor and folksy grit help Mother Carey keep poverty and the wrong fellows for her daughters at bay.

An old fashioned story with old fashioned values - uplifting and edifying fiction.

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Days of the Discoverers /Google Books

Days of the Discoverers
By Louise Lamprey
Published by Frederick A. Stokes company, 1921
300 pages

Living history, Vikings - 17th century. Begin reading here.

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The Boy of Mount Rhigi/Google Books

The Boy of Mount Rhigi
By Catharine Maria Sedgwick
Published by Crosby and Nichols, 1862
252 pages

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"Senior High to Adult: Besides fishing in the beautiful wooded hills of Mount Rhigi, Massachusetts, Harry Davis and Clapham Dunn have little in common as far as their upbringing. Harry can hardly relate to the brutal existence that Clapham endures every day—which has molded his character and produced tormenting frustration and fear in his heart. Emotionally and spiritually bankrupt, Clapham, like a magnet, is drawn to the love and acceptance of the Davises. But one sad day he is seized and threatened to do that which is unthinkable. Long, miserable, dark days follow. But though sorrow endures for the night, the healing balm of truth brings joy in the morning.

About the author...

Both the public and her contemporaries regarded Catharine Maria Sedgwick highly. Catharine was actually one of the first American female authors to gain fame. She gained her recognition through writing stories with Christian morals such as were popular during her day."

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Elementary Composition/Google Books

Elementary Composition(advanced middle school and up)
By Dorothy Canfield Fisher, George Rice Carpenter
Published by The Macmillan company, 1906
274 pages

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Stories of the Pilgrims/Google Books

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Stories of the Pilgrims
By Margaret Blanche Pumphrey, Lucy Fitch Perkins
Published by Rand, McNally & Company, 1912
241 pages

This book has been republished by Christian Liberty Press, and is a part of their fourth grade curriculum. Yesterday's Classics also has this in reprint. See main page for all book links.


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A Spring Flora for High Schools/Goggle Books

A Spring Flora for High Schools
By Henry Chandler Cowles, John Gaylord Coulter
Published by American book company, 1915
144 pages

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Ten Boys who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now/Google Books

Ten Boys who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now
By Jane Andrews
Published by Ginn & company, 1913
249 pages

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Appropriate for about ages 10 -12.