Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Indians and Pioneers: An Historical Reader for the Young/Google Books

The aim in writing for young readers these stories of "Indians and Pioneers," or "Earliest Days in America," has been to treat the history of America simply and briefly, yet with the regard for accuracy and the care in selection of material which are necessary in order to set forth the truth.

Two features in these stories are introduced, in the confident hope that they will be found both interesting and practical; one is the study of the glacial and rough stone periods, which is, of late, made more attractive and intelligible to young readers, because taught through "simplified mineralogy" and clay-modeling; the other feature is the large use of quotations [from the sources, giving the original wording and quaint spelling of the narratives of the European pioneers to America.

Title Indians and Pioneers: An Historical Reader for the Young
Authors Blanche Evans Hazard, Samuel Train Dutton
Length 266 pages

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