Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Lady in Art/Google Books

Click here.

A Child's Book of Saints/Google Books

Click here.

Dutch/Holland/Netherlands Literature for Children

Rollo in Holland

The Hero of Harleem Lit2go Site sometimes down on weekends.

Dutch Lullaby, second grade poem.

Wide Awake Third Grade Reader, pages 20-25, two dutch tales.

Third grade lesson plan: Life in (old) Holland.

The Story of Dutch Paintings from the St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls

Social studies for early elementary: Holland

Beautifully illustrated easy reader(about third grade level): Windmills and Wooden Shoes.

Wooster Fourth Reader: Holland or Netherlands.

Third grade, Stepping Stones to Literature: A Boy Hero.

Fourth Grade Reader: Holland(2 parts)

Fifth grade reader: Skating in Holland

Educating by Story-telling: Wilhelmina's Wooden Shoes, about Rembrandt

Dutch diorama and story, early elementary school

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Printable Short Stories, Audio Read-Along Option with Mini-Worksheets

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Reading Guides by Grade

From The Baldwin Project and Yesterday's Classics Pageant of History(on my sidebar), helpful reading lists by grade for public domain books:

Baldwin Project grades K through six.

Yesterday's Classics years 0 - 6(Charlotte Mason).

Not in public domain, but a helpful reading list of children's historical novels along a timeline. See Bethlehem Books Living History Library offered through Seton Educational Media.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Geometric(Geometry) Exercises in Paper Folding

Click here.

When Mother Lets Us Cut Out Pictures/Google Books

Very cute blacklines for children to cut, color and paste. Each picture has a didactic read-aloud. Some are quite simple, others are quite detailed like the intricate Scherenschnitte.

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Paper Sloyd(Paper Crafts): A Handbook for Primary Grades

Organized by grade. Picture is of first grade projects. Click here.

Constructive Work: Its Relation to Number, Literature, History, and Nature Work

Interesting assortment of DIY crafts and projects. I couldn't find link to literature while browsing through this book. It looked like mostly science and math hands-on learning. Click here.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Story Hour Readings: Fifth Year/Google Books

Google has this incorrectly titled as year seven, but the front cover indicates this is for fifth grade. Click here.