Friday, November 27, 2009

High School Christmas Readings/Google Books & Project Gutenberg

Christmas: its origin and associations, together with its historical events and festive celebrations during nineteen centuries: ...
Author William Francis Dawson
Publisher E. Stock, 1902
Original from Pennsylvania State University
Length 366 pages
Overview(High School)

Yule-Tide in Many Lands(Project Gutenberg)(High School)

A History of the United States for Catholic Schools/Google Books

A history of the United States for Catholic schools

Author Franciscan Sisters of the Perpetual Adoration (La Crosse, Wis.)
Publisher Scott, Foresman and company, 1914
Length 673 pages


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Storied West Indies/Google Books

The Storied West Indies
Appletons' home reading books
Author Frederick Albion Ober
Publisher D. Appleton and company, 1900
Length 291 pages


Monday, November 23, 2009

Outlines for Kindergarten and Primary Classes in the Study of Nature and Related Subjects: Arranged by Months

Outlines for kindergarten and primary classes in the study of nature and related subjects: Arranged by months
Authors E. Maud Cannell, Margaret E. Wise
Publisher E.L. Kellogg & co., 1897
Length 162 pages


Handicraft for Handy Girls: Practical Plans for Work and Play/Google Books

Handicraft for handy girls: practical plans for work and play
Authors Albert Neely Hall, Dorothy Perkins
Publisher Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., 1916
Length 413 pages


Children's Printable Vintage Thanksgiving Stories and Poems

Click here.

Also see the Holiday Lessons: Early Elementary - Middle School label.

The Language-speller/Google Books

Language work with spelling, probably for mid-elementary school.

The language-speller
Author Elizabeth Hill Spalding
Publisher Richardson, Smith & Company, 1899

Friday, November 20, 2009

Eskimo Reading Resources and Supplements

Coloring page at left - click to enlarge and print.

Eskimo finger plays for preschool.

Eskimo sand table

An Artic Scene

Eskimo boy paper doll

Original 1922 Lucy Perkins The Twins Series paper dolls 

Igloo coloring page

As supplements to:

A Treasury of Eskimo Tales

The Twins Series - Eskimo(grade 2)/Project Gutenberg
Perkins, Lucy Fitch, 1865-1937

Around the world with the children(We Go to Cold Lands)

More reading here from my library.

Cut Out Paper Dolls/Google Books

Public school methods, Volume 1(Kindergarten).
Main page.

School arts, Volume 19 Red Cross and American Indian dolls and boy scout, camp fire girl, and little Mary.
Main page.

Homes for Paper Dolls, Harper's Bazaar .
Main page.

Industrial art text-books(dolls, clothes, furniture, and rooms) Pages 30-40.
Main page.

What shall we do now?: Five hundred games and pastimes, Paper dolls Pages 258-262. Doll house furniture, pages 243-257 .
Main page.

Taylor First Grade Reader with story and dolls. Pages 42-43(house), and pages 72-74, pages 76-78.

Godey's Magazine - numerous. Scroll down to images of select pages.

Easy steps in housekeeping; or, Mary Frances' adventures among the doll people - doll furniture and story book.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pictures That Every Child Should Know: a Selection of the World's Art/Google Books

Pictures that every child should know: a selection of the world's art masterpieces for young people
Author Mary Schell Hoke Bacon
Publisher Doubleday, Page & Company, 1908
Length 387 pages

Water Wonders Every Child Should Know: Little Studies of Dew, Frost, Snow, Ice, and Rain/Google Books

Water wonders every child should know: little studies of dew, frost, snow, ice and rain
Author Jean May Thompson
Publisher Doubleday, Page & company, 1907
Original from Cornell University
Length 233 pages

Monday, November 16, 2009

Appletons' Chart-primer: Exercises in Reading at Sight, and Language and Color Lessons for Beginners/Google Books

Appletons' chart-primer: exercises in reading at sight, and language and color lessons for beginners

Author Rebecca D. Rickoff
Publisher American Book Company, 1884
Length 48 pages


The Nursery Lesson Book/Google Books

FIFTY EASY LESSONS, EACH LESSON COMBINING SIMPLE AND PROGRESSIVE INSTRUCTION IN READING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC, DRAWING, AND SINGING. More like an activity book as the lessons go quickly, and the material is very general. This is definitely not a mastery approach. 16 songs with music scores included as well.

The nursery lesson book: a guide for mothers in teaching young children
Author Philip Gengembre Hubert
Publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1889
Length 74 pages

Wood wanderings

Nature reader for middle school and up.

Wood wanderings
Author Winthrop Packard
Publisher Small, Maynard and company, 1910
Length 220 pages


Thursday, November 12, 2009

When Mother Lets Us Cut Out Pictures

When mother lets us cut out pictures
Author Ida Estelle Boyd
Publisher Moffat, Yard and Company, 1912
Length 94 pages

The Anatomy of the Frog

The anatomy of the frog
Volume 2 of Translations of foreign biological memoirs
Authors Alexander Ecker, George Haslam
Translated by George Haslam
Publisher Clarendon Press, 1889
Length 449 pages


History of Ancient Egypt , Art, & Atlas /Google Books

Ancient Egypt
The story of the nations
Authors George Rawlinson, Arthur Gilman
Publisher G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1902
Length 408 pages

An atlas of ancient Egypt

Art in Egypt

Monday, November 9, 2009

Reading--literature: The Primer/Google Books

Reading--literature: the primer
Volume 2411 of Harvard reading textbooks preservation microfilm project
Authors Harriette Taylor Treadwell, Margaret Free
Publisher Row, Peterson & Company, 1910
Length 120 pages

Includes The Gingerbread Boy, The Little Red Hen, and Three Billy Goats Gruff .

Elson-Runkel Primer and Teacher's Copy/Google Books

Elson-Runkel primer

Authors William Harris Elson, Lura E. Runkel
Publisher Scott, Foresman and company, 1914
Length 128 pages

Manual for the Elson-Runkel primer

Bold and Brave by Horatio Alger/Project Gutenburg

For about 4th through sixth grades. Click here.


What does the Horatio Alger "Strive and Succeed" philosophy consist of? Are there contemporary versions of it?
There are several elements in the Horatio Alger "Strive and Succeed" Philosophy:

* hard work
* study (informal rather than formal)
* loyalty to superiors and subordinates
* abstaining from alcohol
* frugal living
* importance of dress and personal grooming
* personal integrity
* speaking and writing effectively
* non-credal religious values (Unitarian)
* avoidance of violence and revenge
* speaking the whole truth
* brotherhood of males (family without a mother)
* obligation to help and protect the weak and unfortunate
* duty to mother and/or sisters
* courtesy to all
* accepting the success of others
* emphasis on a secure home
* accept assistance of benefactors
* expectation of own success, acceptance
* eschew class hatred

The Alger success formula seems very like what one finds in _The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin_. Alger's code is less pragmatic and more altruitstic than Poor Richard's. Alger's code imposes significant personal obligations, but it is not at all individualistic. The Alger code does not seem to have much in common with those individuals labeled "Horatio Alger success stories."

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Child's History Of Art/Internet Archive

Author: V. M. Hillyer, 1933
Publisher: D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc.
Click here.

Healthful Living, Based on the Essentials of Physiology: for High School Pupils/Google Books

Healthful living, based on the essentials of physiology: for high school pupils
Author Jesse Feiring Williams
Publisher Macmillan, 1919
Length 431 pages

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Bee-man of Orn and Other Fanciful Tales/Google books

The bee-man of orn and other fanciful tales
Author Frank Richard Stockton
Publisher Charles Scribner's Sons, 1919
Length 193 pages

Middle school and up.

Includes Old Pipes and the Dryad

Boy's Adventure Novel: The Aztec Treasure-house/Google Books

We haven't read this one, but did see it recommended for the seventh grade in this old children's resource bibliography.

Book overview from Google Books:
"The narrator travels in Mexico with a party including a Franciscan monk and an Indian youth, to find a lost race of Aztecs and a hidden treasure of gold, jewels and writings."

The Aztec treasure-house: a romance of contemporaneous antiquity
Author Thomas Allibone Janvier
Publisher Harper, 1890
Length 446 pages