Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Study Birds/Google Books

Title How to Study Birds: a practical guide for amateur bird-lovers and camera-hunters
Author Herbert Keightley Job
Publisher A.L. Burt, 1910
Length 272 pages
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The purpose of this book is to give, simply, clearly, and thoroughly, every possible suggestion and bit of practical information which may be useful to those who are beginning the fascinating study of birds in their native haunts.

Very many are undertaking it in these days — men who crave the excitement of the chase and yet dislike to kill, or who seek relaxation from the strain of business; women who are tired of being hothouse plants, or whose nerves are at the breaking-point from an unnatural sedentary life; boys and girls in the schools who are finding that delight in the animal creation does not cease when they are no longer little children; teachers who realize the importance and interest of the subject for the young, and desire to fit themselves to interest their pupils in the birds. But it is all new and perplexing, and there are a multitude of things they want to ask about, all sorts of inquiries as how to go to work to study the birds afield. It is hoped that this book placed in their hands may prove a ready friend to answer these questions to their satisfaction and to start them upon a happy career of outdoor delights among the wild birds.


Eva said...

The introduction make me laugh! This book must have been written for Jonathan -- at least according to the title.

Eva said...

I meant "made" me laugh . . .