Monday, May 9, 2011

How to be a Lady for Girls/Google Books

Title How to be a Lady for Girls
Author Harvey Newcomb
Published 1850
Original from the University of Michigan
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Chapter 18, Indolence:

The indolent dread all exertion. When requested to do any thing, they have something else to do first, which their indolence has left unfinished; or they have some other reason to give why they should not attempt it. But if nothing else will do, the sluggard's excuse, " I can't" is always at hand. Were it not for the injury to them, it would be far more agreeable to do, one's self, what is desired of them, than to encounter the painful scowls that clothe the brow, when they think of making an effort. Solomon has described this disposition to the life : —" The slothful man putteth his hand in his bosom: it grieveth him to take it out again"


Eva said...

Will you read this with your daughter?

Alexandra said...

Parts of it, probably. For the most part, I tend to take portions of these vintage books rather than in whole. If I can integrate them into other resources, or just use then as a short study, I'll print out what I need.