Sunday, February 20, 2011

Suggested History Readings for February, Grades Three and Four

From Primary Lessons, 1909:


"Young George Washington," and "Early Life of Abraham Lincoln," Eggleston's First Book of American History.

"The American Flag,"' Joseph R. Drake, Moore's "Songs and Ballads of the Revolution."

"Story of Washington," "Boyhood of Washington," "Story of Lincoln," F. A. Owen Co.'s Five Cent Classics.

Abbot's "Blue Jackets of '76."

Extracts from Preble's "History of the Flag."

Lossings "Pictorial History of the Civil War."

Blaisdell's "Stories of the Civil War."

Extracts from Henty's "With Lee in Virginia."

Moore's "Lyrics of Loyalty."

Simm's "War Poetry of the South."

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