Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine's Day Children's Stories, Songs, Crafts, and Activities

Stories and Lesson Plans:

In the Child's World:Kindergarten - elementary school level story.

Kindergarten at Home. Story.

Child-garden Story: Four Letters, a St. Valentine's Day Story. Early elementary read-aloud. Read-alone: advanced elementary level reader.

"Tell it Again" Stories: Elaine's Valentine's - reading level about third grade.

Read-aloud story: Elementary School

Elementary school poem.

Beginning Reader: The Story of St. Valentine.

The story of St. Valentine from the third grade Standard Catholic reader , and another from the The Haliburton Second Reader.

St. Valentine Story with comprehension questions. About a third grade reading level, and another for about a second or third grade reading level.

Three Valentine's Day Stories (read-aloud)

Click and print Valentine's Day poem for little girls.

A Book of Programs - St. Valentine's Day Lesson Plan - Kindergarten and up , and here as well.


Suggestions for Handwork in School and Home(crafts) Blackline templates for cupid angel card and more. This is the best! Many designs with instructions and card greetings.

More templates for St. Valentine's Day Cards.

Manual Training - Occupations(crafts)

Blacklines for cupid and little girl with heart, pages 84-85.

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Killlashandra said...

Great reading selection. I've never heard of any of those stories before and may have to use one for my cloverbud project tomorrow. Thanks!

Alexandra said...

Hope you were able to find a fun project. :)