Saturday, January 8, 2011

January Multi-grade Stories and Lessons/Google Books

Continental Third Grade Reader: The Little Lapp(Lapplanders of northern Scandinavia, AKA: Sami).

Reindeer Traveling, excerpted from Northern Travel by Bayard Taylor, The New century: 4th-5th Reader.

Boys of Other Countries: Stories for American Boys - Jon of Iceland(late elementary- early middle school)

St. Nicholas magazine, The Stars for January

Good English, Oral and Written, Book 1-3: January (early elementary)

School Education: The Nuthatch
Our Winter Birds

New-Year and Midwinter Exercises, for Children of Ten to Fifteen Years(recitation, poetry, drama): January

The World Book: Organized Knowledge in Story and Picture:Quotations, January Calendar(birthdays, events, and study) and The Story of January.

Nature Year Book, January(prose and poetry for each day of the year)

Agoonack, the Esquimau[Eskimo] Sister

Early elementary sewing card(click on image to enlarge and save):

Nature Study by Grades: a Textbook for Higher Grammar Grades(poses questions for research)
- Sixth grade winter study
- Seventh grade winter study

Trees in Winter. Identifying trees and their fruit in winter(dry technical book, but good pictures and illustrations.)

Winter(nature study)"The author points out the sights and sounds of winter, and discusses the how and why, so that children may come to love winter for its own sake."(early-mid elementary)

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