Friday, January 15, 2010

Multi-grade Winter Homeschooling Lessons

In the Child's World, Winter(K and Early Elementary)Multi-page.

Stories for Summer Days and Winter Nights(middle school and up)

Three years with the poets: a text-book of poetry(elementary school),(various, see calendar)

Winter Fun. From 'St. Nicholas' magazine'(elementary school)

Our Winter Birds
: how to know and how to attract them(reference, and middle school and up)

Winter Evening Tales(Christian, middle school and up)

A Book of Winter Sports(reference, middle school and up)

All the Year Round: a Nature Reader: Part II : Winter(elementary school)

Winter Camping(reference, high school and up)

Pilgrim Stories, Winter in Holland(middle elementary)

Everyday Birds: Elementary Studies, Winter Pensioners

Bird world: a bird book for children, Winter Birds(Elementary School)

Independent fifth reader Instruction in Winter
and here, pages 301-304.

Botany: an elementary text for schools, Winter Buds, pages 36-41.

The Nursery(Preschool-Early Elementary): The Snowball Fight, Winter Scenes on the Hudson, Winter Evening Games, and Peter's Mishap.

Holmes' Third Reader, Winter Sleepers, and Children in Winterland

Handbook of nature-study for teachers and parents, The Study of Birds' Nests in Winter.

Our American Neighbors, Winter in Canada(fourth grade).

Lessons with Plants, Characters in Winter Plants(high school).

The Beginner's Garden Book: a Textbook for the Upper Grammar Grades, Going into Winter Quarters.

Live Language Lessons, The First Winter of the Pioneers of Utah(late elementary, early middle school)

Junior High School Literature, The Great Blizzard more here(Table of Contents under Winter)

Story Hour Readings, Book 7(Seventh grade), The Snowstorm

Life and Literature Readers: First Reader, Winter

Nature Study in Elementary Schools: Reader, Winter Stories and Poems

The Children's First reader, Book 3(third grade), Daisy's First Winter

Fifth Reader, How the Trees look in Winter.

Golden Treasury Readers: Fourth Reader, Woods in the Winter

American Poems: Whittier, Snowbound(high school)

Day by Day in the Primary School: The Winter Months(lesson plans)

The Sprague classic readers: Book Two(second grade), Edith's Idea of Winter

A fourth Reader, A Boisterous Winter Evening

Tell Me A Story: Winter - The Gray Hare Count Lyof N. Tolstoi 162;The Snow Image . Adapted from Nathaniel Hawthorne 164;The Fire That Would Not Burn 173.

Knowles' Elocutionist: Employment of Winter Evenings by the Young(Middle school)

The Children's friend, Winter Birds(Mormon periodical)

The Guyot Geographical Reader and Primer: A Series of Journeys Round the World, In the Cold Countries of the North.(late elementray, early middle school)

Elementary Geography: A Text-book for Children, The Four Seasons

The Globe Geography Readers, The Seasons and Cold Lands(third or fourth grade)

Complete Geography(about fifth or sixth grade), In Eskimo Land

Graded Literary Readers(fourth)The Little Postboy, Swedish winter tale.

The Wide Awake Reader(third grade), Eskimo Children

Water Wonders Every Child Should Know: Little Studies of Dew, Frost, Snow

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