Monday, March 9, 2009

The Boy of Mount Rhigi/Google Books

The Boy of Mount Rhigi
By Catharine Maria Sedgwick
Published by Crosby and Nichols, 1862
252 pages

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"Senior High to Adult: Besides fishing in the beautiful wooded hills of Mount Rhigi, Massachusetts, Harry Davis and Clapham Dunn have little in common as far as their upbringing. Harry can hardly relate to the brutal existence that Clapham endures every day—which has molded his character and produced tormenting frustration and fear in his heart. Emotionally and spiritually bankrupt, Clapham, like a magnet, is drawn to the love and acceptance of the Davises. But one sad day he is seized and threatened to do that which is unthinkable. Long, miserable, dark days follow. But though sorrow endures for the night, the healing balm of truth brings joy in the morning.

About the author...

Both the public and her contemporaries regarded Catharine Maria Sedgwick highly. Catharine was actually one of the first American female authors to gain fame. She gained her recognition through writing stories with Christian morals such as were popular during her day."

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