Friday, March 13, 2009

Saint Patrick and Irish Children's Stories, Activities and Music

To print pages, right click on the image of the page, and then print picture or save picture. Make sure the page is on HMTL(bottom right on sidebar). I should have defaulted all these links to come up as HMTL. Get to main download page by clicking through, "Write review", then "About book". Sorry, they have changed things since I wrote this post last year. I've bumped this up from 3/11/08.

Stories of Saints, 1880, about a fourth grade reading level and up.

The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints, 1866, detailed history for older children.

The Every-day Book and Table Book , Saint Patrick biography for older students

Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints: With Reflections for Every Day in the ... - Page 171 , middle elementary grade reading level.

Saint Patrick from Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman, middle elementary reading level and up.

The Seven Champions of Christendom: A New Version from the Most Ancient , Saint Patrick, middle elementary reading level and up.

Children's Stories and how to Tell Them, BARNEY NOONAN'S FAIRY HAYMAKERS (Re-told from the Irish) .

World Stories Retold for Modern Boys and Girls: One Hundred and Eighty-seven ... - Page 86 , Saint Patrick and the Snakes.

The Mary Dawson game book: a manual of original games and guessing contests, didactic games, good for unit studies.

Child-garden: Story, Song, Play, The Four-Leaved Clover, Kindergarten

The World and Its People, Ireland where the Shamrock Grows, fifth grade

The American Normal Readers: Fourth Grade, An Irish legend.

Golden Rod Fairy Book, THE FIELD OF BOLIAUNS


Irish Fairy Tales

Celtic Fairy Tales

Poems by Grades: Containing Poems Selected for Each Grade of the School , seventh grade, Song of the Clover(not specifically Irish)

An Elementary Class-book of General Geography, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

The Old-fashioned Fairy Book, THE LEPERHAUN. A Legend of the Emerald Isle.

Reading with Expression: Fifth grade, THE FAIRY SHOEMAKER

The American School Readers, Fourth Grade, The Magic Well

Child-garden: Story, Song, Play: The Four-Leaved Clover, elementary school.

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