Thursday, September 4, 2008

King Arthur's Knights The Tales Re-told for Boys & Girls/Project Gutenburg

Then a cry came from among the common people, and so strong was it that the nobles looked as if they hated to hear it.

'Let Arthur draw the sword!' was the call from a thousand throats.

The venerable archbishop came and took Arthur by the hand, and led him towards the sword. Again the young man held the rich pommel with his single hand, and that which none of the forty-nine great men could do, he did as easily as if he but plucked a flower.

A fierce cry leaped from among the thousands of the common people.

'Arthur shall be our King!' they cried. 'Arthur is our King! We will no longer deny him!'

A wonderful read-aloud or story for older children to read. It is a bit difficult with the old English, so I'm guessing age 12 and up for readability. Click here.

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