Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Book of Battles; or, Daring Deeds by Land and Sea/ Google Books

This is not an academic book, but interesting for older teens and adults.

The book of battles; or, Daring deeds by land and sea [ed. by E. Shelton and C. Jones], By Book, Edward Shelton
Published by , 1867
Original from Oxford University

From the Prospectus:

"The Editor, however, will exercise great caution to avoid errors into
which he might easily fall. First, the Narratives will be strictly true,
so that the reader may have before him the actions of men like himself —
not creations of an author's brain. Then, the details of most Exciting
Adventures will not be overcharged for the mere purpose of producing
a morbid sensation. Over sufferings incidental to War the veil will be
gently drawn, and at heroic deeds involving often the rise of One Man
upon the sacrifice of Thousands there will only be expressed the admiration
of a rational observer in a Christian country."

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