Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dutch/Holland/Netherlands Literature for Children

Rollo in Holland

The Hero of Harleem Lit2go Site sometimes down on weekends.

Dutch Lullaby, second grade poem.

Wide Awake Third Grade Reader, pages 20-25, two dutch tales.

Third grade lesson plan: Life in (old) Holland.

The Story of Dutch Paintings from the St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls

Social studies for early elementary: Holland

Beautifully illustrated easy reader(about third grade level): Windmills and Wooden Shoes.

Wooster Fourth Reader: Holland or Netherlands.

Third grade, Stepping Stones to Literature: A Boy Hero.

Fourth Grade Reader: Holland(2 parts)

Fifth grade reader: Skating in Holland

Educating by Story-telling: Wilhelmina's Wooden Shoes, about Rembrandt

Dutch diorama and story, early elementary school


Two|Face said...

Do you know of any public domain book resources, specifically in Dutch, children's books or other books?


Alexandra said...

I don't read Dutch, but this is listed as a Dutch public domain ebook resource.


There are also 50 books in the Dutch language at Project Gutenberg:

There are quite a few Dutch language books at Google Books(see my sidebar). When you get to Google books, click on the "Advanced Search", choose your language, and then subject area from sidebar.