Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dutch/Holland/Netherlands Literature for Children

Rollo in Holland

The Hero of Harleem Lit2go Site sometimes down on weekends.

Dutch Lullaby, second grade poem.

Wide Awake Third Grade Reader, pages 20-25, two dutch tales.

Third grade lesson plan: Life in (old) Holland.

The Story of Dutch Paintings from the St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls

Social studies for early elementary: Holland

Beautifully illustrated easy reader(about third grade level): Windmills and Wooden Shoes.

Wooster Fourth Reader: Holland or Netherlands.

Third grade, Stepping Stones to Literature: A Boy Hero.

Fourth Grade Reader: Holland(2 parts)

Fifth grade reader: Skating in Holland

Educating by Story-telling: Wilhelmina's Wooden Shoes, about Rembrandt

Dutch diorama and story, early elementary school


Anonymous said...

Do you know of any public domain book resources, specifically in Dutch, children's books or other books?


Alexandra said...

I don't read Dutch, but this is listed as a Dutch public domain ebook resource.


There are also 50 books in the Dutch language at Project Gutenberg:

There are quite a few Dutch language books at Google Books(see my sidebar). When you get to Google books, click on the "Advanced Search", choose your language, and then subject area from sidebar.