Saturday, November 17, 2007

Google Books Download Helps and Google Library

Google Books has improved their free online book service. You can now switch to plain text to copy and paste, or highlight all(select all) in order to copy and save text to your computer. I'm fairly certain the plain text option was not available during the summer. You can also switch to HTML(bottom right margin) which means you can save the pages and pictures to your computer, copy pages, and see hyper-links on the table of contents.

Once you switch to HTML mode, just right click on the image of the page in order to save or print. Most of the links I post here are already in HTML mode. The default mode at Google Books is standard mode which does not allow right clicks on the images of the page.

Another new option is the Google Library. This is so helpful! I have added over a hundred books from Google Books to my library for later viewing. Click here to take a peak. I'll being reviewing these books, and adding them here if they are helpful to homeschooling.

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