Monday, November 19, 2007

Early Elementary Science and Nature Studies/Google Book Search

This is a science text with comprehension questions for early elementary. There are even some poems. I really like this text for young children - easy to understand and thorough. Here is a sample for the first page:

LAND AND WATER. When we go out of the house, upon what do we walk ? Do we always walk upon the ground ? How does the ground feel under our feet? Why do we not sink into it? Do we ever come to something on the ground which is not hard or solid, and upon which we cannot walk? What makes these puddles of water on the ground? We often call the ground land. Wherever we go we shall be either upon the land or upon the water. We can walk upon the land because it is solid. If we should try to walk upon the water, we would sink down into it. Then, if we could not swim, we might be drowned. Copy the following sentences, and fill the blank spaces ....

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