Thursday, July 5, 2007

Boy's Historical Adventure Series:Project Gutenberg

By Joseph A. Altsheler (Joseph Alexander), 1862-1919

The Forest of Swords
A Story of Paris and the Marne (English)
The Forest Runners
A Story of the Great War Trail in Early Kentucky (English)
The Free Rangers
A Story of the Early Days Along the Mississippi (English)
The Guns of Bull Run
A story of the civil war's eve (English)
The Guns of Shiloh
A Story of the Great Western Campaign (English)
The Hosts of the Air (English)
The Hunters of the Hills (English)
The Lords of the Wild
A Story of the Old New York Border (English)
The Masters of the Peaks
A Story of the Great North Woods (English)
The Rock of Chickamauga
A Story of the Western Crisis (English)
The Rulers of the Lakes
A Story of George and Champlain (English)
The Scouts of Stonewall
The Story of the Great Valley Campaign (English)
The Scouts of the Valley (English)
The Shades of the Wilderness
A Story of Lee's Great Stand (English)
The Shadow of the North
A Story of Old New York and a Lost Campaign (English)
The Star of Gettysburg
A Story of Southern High Tide (English)
The Sun Of Quebec
A Story of a Great Crisis (English)
The Sword of Antietam
A Story of the Nation's Crisis (English)
The Texan Scouts
A Story of the Alamo and Goliad (English)
The Texan Star
The Story of a Great Fight for Liberty (English)
The Tree of Appomattox (English)
The Young Trailers
A Story of Early Kentucky (English)

Under Joseph Alexander:
Before the Dawn
A Story of the Fall of Richmond (English)

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