Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mother Stories From the New Testament/Project Gutenberg

Click here.


Christine said...

I guess I am slow or something. I have seen these sites a couple of times, but I cannot figure out how to downloas the books as a whole with the images. I saw a copy of Spencerian penmanship on a public domain site, but It would download only as a page at a time.


Alexandra said...


Good question! Use the "zip" format to download the entire book. Even with my super slow dial up, it works well at Project Gutenberg.

There are two zip option: HMTL and plain text. The HTML is the entire book with illustrations, but you need internet to view it with the illustrations. Without internet you can read it in plain text. The plain text option is a faster download with no illustrations.

Click on the third(with illustrations and/or plain text) or fourth option (plain text only) under "format" to download entire book.

Hope this helps. :)

Alexandra said...


I was experimenting after I posted the got me thinking. After trying a few things, I was able to download the entire book with images very fast, and I can view the entire book with images offline!

I did this:

Click on HTML format, not the zip HTML. When it loads, right click and choose "select all". I then go to "Page" on my tool bar(I've got Windows XP) and select "save as". In two second flat, the entire book was saved to a folder!

I'm so glad you asked this question! This is so much easier.