Friday, September 30, 2016

Project Gutenberg/The Story of Young Abraham Lincoln by Wayne Whipple

Written in 1915, so there will be some insensitive terminology and references by today's standards. If this is unacceptable, please skip this book. Some sections are written in colloquial English as testimony passed down to Lincoln from his relatives.

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Project Gutenberg: The Story of the Champions of the Round Table by Howard Pyle

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Grades 4 and Up.

The Story of Launcelot

Chapter First

How Sir Launcelot Came Forth From the Enchanted Castle of the
Lake and Entered Into the World Again, and How King Arthur
Made Him Knight

Chapter Second

How Sir Launcelot and Sir Lionel Rode Forth Errant Together
and How Sir Lionel Met Sir Turquine to His Great Dole. Also
How Sir Ector Grieved for the Departure of His Brother Launcelot
and So, Following Him, Fell into a Very Sorry Adventure

Chapter Third

How Sir Launcelot was Found in a Sleep by Queen Morgana
le Fay and Three Other Queens who were with Her, and How He
was Taken to a Castle of Queen Morgana's and of What Befell Him

Chapter Fourth

How Sir Launcelot Sought Sir Lionel and How a Young Damsel
Brought Him to the Greatest Battle that Ever He Had in All His

Chapter Fifth

How Sir Launcelot Went Upon an Adventure with the Damsel
Croisette as Companion, and How He Overcame Sir Peris of the
Forest Sauvage

Chapter Sixth

How Sir Launcelot Took Part in the Tournament Between King
Bagdemagus and the King of North Wales, and How He Won that
Battle for King Bagdemagus

Chapter Seventh

How Sir Launcelot Fell Into the Greatest Peril that Ever He Encountered
in all His Life. Also How He Freed a Misfortunate Castle
and Town From the Giants Who Held Them, and How He Released
the Lord Thereof From a Dungeon

Chapter Eighth

How Sir Launcelot Rescued Sir Kay From a Perilous Pass Also
How He Changed Armor with Sir Kay and what Befell There