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City and Town: A Third Reader/Google Books

Title City and Town: A Third Reader
Author Pauline Frost Rafter
Publisher B.H. Sanborn, 1912
Length 292 pages
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The Whole Year Round/Google Books

Title The Whole Year Round
Author Dallas Lore Sharp
Publisher Houghton Mifflin company., 1915
Length 503 pages
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"THE writer of this book has four children of his own, and not so very long ago (he can remember it) he was a child himself, and roamed the fields, as still he does, with all the child's love of freedom and joy in the companionship of wild things

— wild lives, wild winds, wild places, and the wild hours along the edge of dusk and dawn. And if he has any right to ask other children than his own to . tramp the wild places with him through the pages of this book it is because he is still a child and cannot outgrow his love of Saturdays and skates and deep woods and the ways of the wild folk, great and small; and because, again, he has tramped the wild places (for his home is in the woods) more than most of his readers, perhaps, and tramped them the seasons round

— stormy nights and lazy autumn days, and summer and winter; and he has seen — only what his readers; have seen, no doubt, — the ordinary things, but he has often felt, as all children do at times feel, strange deep things, things more wonderful than anybody ever saw. And yet the ordinary things, ordinary only because we have not watched them and thought about them, are really what we are going out to see; and we are going out in an ordinary way — upon our two feet..."

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The Art-literature Readers, Book 4‎/Google Books

Title The Art-literature readers, Book 4
Authors Eulalie Osgood Grover, Frances Elizabeth Chutter
Publisher Atkinson, Mentzer & Grover, 1909
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Elementary geography: a text-book for children/Google Books

Title Elementary Geography: A Text-book for Children
King's Geographies
Author Charles Francis King
Publisher C. Scribner's Sons, 1904
Length 220 pages
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Little Gardens for Boys and Girls/Google Books

Title Little Gardens for Boys and Girls
Author Myrta Margaret Higgins
Publisher Houghton Miffin, 1910
Length 152 pages
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The Wide Awake Fourth Reader/Google Books

Title The Wide Awake Fourth Reader
Author Etta Austin Blaisdell McDonald
Publisher Little, Brown and Co., 1913
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Very sweet story selections, especially for spring.

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Puppy Dogs' Tales and Stories of Other Animal Friends /Google Books

Title Puppy Dogs' Tales and Stories of Other Animal Friends
Editor Frances Kent
Publisher The Macmillan company, 1922
Length 258 pages
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The Spring of the Year /Google Books

Title The Spring of the Year
The Dallas Lore Sharp Nature Series
May G. Quigley collection
Author Dallas Lore Sharp
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Company, 1909
Length 148 pages
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Famous Men of Science/Project Gutenberg



Garfield said, "No page of human history is so instructive and significant as the record of those early influences which develop the character and direct the lives of eminent men."

These sketches show how young men have overcome difficulties, sometimes poverty, sometimes illness; how they have made failures before finding their true vocation. They show the results of energy, perseverance, and untiring devotion; how a cheerful face and a hopeful spirit like Agassiz's, or a gentle and kindly nature like Darwin's, can win its way against opposition.

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Young Children's Lesson Plan Ideas for March

I'll try to fill this out with links and cut-and-paste March images in the next few days. From a 1915 Primary Education periodical:


Signs of the Seasons — Hathaway.
The Wind. Sun's Travels — Stevenson.
Written in March — Wordsworth.
March — H. H. Jackson.
March. Little Gustava(very sweet!). Song of Easter — Thaxter.
One Bird — Van Dyke.
The Swallows — Arnold.
Little White Lily — Macdonald.
The Little Plant — Kate Brown.


The Ugly Duckling, Little Ida's Flowers — Andersen
The Foolish Weather Vane — Published by Rand, McNally & Company.
The Winds — Burnham.
March's Call, Half a Hundred Stories — Published by Milton Bradley Company.
Legends — Proserpine, Wind and Sun, Sleeping Beauty, Siegfried and Brunhilde; What Annie Saw — Published by Educational Publishing Company.

Pictures For Study

St. Anthony of Padua — Murillo.
He is Risen — Plockhorst.
Spring — Corot.
Chorister Boys — Anderson.
Robin Redbreast — Munier.
Swallows. A Resting Place — Laux.
Sparrows — Laux.

Morning Talks And Occupation Work

Signs of spring; color of sky; position of sun; the brook waking up; frogs; turtles; woodchucks; returning birds.

Make chart. Upon it note arrival of first robin; bluebird; blackbird; barn swallow; chipping sparrow; song sparrow;woodpecker; meadow lark. Take time each morning throughout the month to hear about any bird that has returned.

Keep descriptions of birds in little booklets. If possible, illustrate each page with picture of bird in color.

Winds; use of; what each brings.

Use sand table to model things which the wind does. Have a large weather vane in the center modeled by one of the older boys. Around it have miniature sailboats, windmills, kites, lines of clothes, etc.

Poem for illustration with charcoal or by paper cutting:

Twilight of mad March evening
Wee Robert was snug in bed.
"And what has the wind been doing?"
To mamma he sleepily said.

The pine trees outside were singing,
She heard their wild lullaby.
"The wind has been busy since morning,"
She said, "when we heard it pass by.

"It turned every wind mill it came to,
It speeded the boats on the sea,
It fluttered the clothes on the clothesline
Until they were dry as could be.

"It caught a man's hat and whirled it
Away down the long white street.
And everyone laughed and wondered
If man or March wind would beat.

"It came where some boys were flying
Their kites of every hue
And carried one up to cloud land.
Did that kite belong to you?

"It turned the proud vane on the steeple.
It tossed roaring waves on the shore;
Then gently it sang at twilight
For my babe when the day was o'er."

Trees and buds.

Study twigs. Force sprigs of lilac, cherry, willow, beech, and horse chestnut by placing in fresh water in the sunshine.

Maple trees; sap; sugar. How trees are tapped; how sap is carried to sugar house; sap making in olden time.

Make brush drawings of twigs. Cut barn from dark red paper. Take the silver gray pussies from the twigs and paste in position about barn as if a whole family of kittens were at play there. Add heads and tails with pencils.

In connection with study of maple sugar, cut sap buckets, sugar house, boiling kettle and pans.

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The Herald of Spring: Spring:The Hyacinth(Multi-grade Lessons)/Google Books

Nature Study in Elementary Schools: First Reader(Hyacinth Bulb)

Outlines of Lessons in Botany(elementary - middle school)

Gardening For Children(The Hyacinth)

When Mother Lets Us Garden; A Book for Little Folk Who Want to Make Gardens(Hyacinths in Water)

The World Book

The Spartan, Myth of the Hyacinth(Elementary - Middle school)

School and Home Gardens

More coming soon....

Image from my garden.

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The Naval History of the United States: Blue Jackets of '76/Google Books

Title The Naval History of the United States: Blue Jackets of '76
Author Willis John Abbot
Publisher Peter Fenelon Collier, 1890
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