Monday, December 31, 2012

Yule-Tide in Many Lands/Google Books

See here. Mary Poague Pringle, Clara A. Urann Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1916 - 201 pages This book includes New Year's Day customs.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Play Life in the First Eight Years/Google Books

Title Play Life in the First Eight Years Author Luella Angelina Palmer Editor Seth Thayer Stewart Publisher Ginn and company, 1916 Length 281 pages Click here.

"The tendency toward the American disease neuritis is increased by the excitement of confusing noise and motion. Let the child, dressed in a bathing suit, dig and wade, build forts and hollow out tunnels, make molds with pails and pattypans, bury himself in the sand and wriggle out, sprinkle "sugar" through a funnel made of heavy paper or through a tin sieve, or run a sand mill. One toy should be used at a time and its possibilities almost exhausted before another one is supplied. 

All the excursions, whether to country or seashore, should aim to promote the child's love of nature and to arouse a desire for understanding it rather than just collecting facts about it. Information can
be imparted when the child's curiosity is aroused or when he needs it to help him in his play; the "how" and "why" of facts that he can discover for himself should never be supplied, but every opportunity should be given him to find answers to his own questions.

A child of four or five may have a definite object for his walk—to watch the blacksmith or to look at the fire engine. His walks should make him acquainted with his neighborhood; if in the city, he should know its buildings, its streets, and the shops in the vicinity; if in the country, he should know the kind of trees and crops near the house as well as the design of fence and gate. By the time he is six he should be able to find his way home from any point within a radius of at least half a mile. He should gain some idea of the points of the compass. This is the real beginning of the study of geography."

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Science Lessons for Elementary/Google Books

Title    Science Lessons for Elementary(Object Lessons for Infants, Volume 3)
Author    Vincent T. Murché
Publisher    Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1896
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Language Arts Lessons for Grades K - Eight Focusing on Composition and Art

Title School Work, Volume 1 Authors Leon W. Goldrich, Olivia Mary Jones Publisher The Editors of School Work, 1902 Click here.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

English Spoken and Written: Lessons in Language, Literature, and Composition/Google Books

Title English Spoken and Written: Lessons in Language, Literature, and Composition Book 2
Authors Henry Pendexter Emerson, Ida C. Bender
Publisher Macmillan, 1908 Click here .
Table of Contents
Plan of the book's three parts.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dictation Day by Day: A Modern Speller/Google Books

Title Dictation Day by Day: A Modern Speller
Author Kate Van Wagenen
Publisher Macmillan Co., 1909
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The Advanced Reader/Google Books

Title The Advanced Reader(middle school and up)
Nelson's School Series
Publisher T. Nelson and Sons, 1866
Length 400 pages
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Page 9:


It is Noble to seek Truth, and it is Beautiful to find it. It is the ancient feeling of the human heart, that knowledge is better than riches; and it is deeply and sacredly true. To mark the course of human passions as they have flowed on in the ages that are past; to see why nations have risen, and why they have fallen; to speak of heat, and light, and the winds; to know what man has discovered in the heavens above and in the earth beneath; to hear the chemist unfold the marvellous properties that the Creator has locked up in a speck of earth; to be told that there are worlds so distant from our own, that the quickness of light, travelling from the world's creation, has never yet reached us; to wander in the creations of poetry, and grow warm again with that eloquence which swayed the democracies of the Old World; to go up with great reasoners to the First Cause of all, and to perceive, in the midst of all this dissolution and decay and cruel separation, that there is one thing unchangeable, indestructible, and everlasting;—it is worth while in the days of our youth to strive hard for this great discipline; to pass sleepless nights for it; to give up for it laborious days; to spurn for it present pleasures; to endure for it afflicting poverty; to wade for it through darkness, and sorrow, and contempt, as the great spirits of the world have done in all ages and all times.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The School and Family Primer/Google Books

Title The School and Family Primer
Harper's school and family series
Author Marcius Willson
Publisher Harper & brothers, 1860
Length 48 pages
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The First-Fifth Reader, Volume 4(Middle School)/Google Books

Title The First-Fifth Reader, Volume 4
Author Marcius Willson
Publisher Harper, 1860
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Boston Tea Party, and Other Stories of the American Revolution, Relating Many Daring Deeds of the Old Heroes/Google Books

Title The Boston Tea Party, and Other Stories of the American Revolution, Relating Many Daring Deeds of the Old Heroes
Author Henry Clay Watson
Publisher Lee and Shepard, 1889
Length 222 pages
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Letters from Egypt to Plain Folks at Home/Google Books

Title Letters from Egypt to Plain Folks at Home
Author Mary Louisa Whately
Published 1879
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Natural History in Anecdote: Illustrating the Nature, Habits, Manners and Customs of Animals, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Insects, ect./Google Booksn

Title Natural History in Anecdote: Illustrating the Nature, Habits, Manners and Customs of Animals, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Insects, ect.
Editor Alfred Henry Miles
Publisher Dodd, Mead & company, 1895
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Childhood in India, A Narrative for Young Children/Other

Based on a true stories, Childhood in India, A Narrative for Young Children, published in 1870. From the University of Florida Library of digitized books. Click here.

Textbook of Art Education Second Year/Project Gutenberg

When the trees are bare of leaves, we see how beautiful the branches are.

No two trees stretch out their arms in just the same way. But the largest boughs always spring from the big round trunk.

See how the smaller boughs spring from larger ones and rock the winter buds in the air.

Paint a tree as it looks in November.

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Madame Roland, Makers of History by John S. C. Abbott /Project Gutenberg

Just over 300 pages, story of the French Revolution's Reign of Terror from Madame Roland's memoirs.

"The history of Madame Roland embraces the most interesting events of the French Revolution, that most instructive tragedy which time has yet enacted. There is, perhaps, contained in the memoirs of no other woman so much to invigorate the mind with the desire for high intellectual culture, and so much to animate the spirit heroically to meet all the ills of this eventful life. Notwithstanding her experience of the heaviest temporal calamities, she found, in the opulence of her own intellectual treasures, an unfailing resource. These inward joys peopled her solitude with society, and dispelled even from the dungeon its gloom. I know not where to look for a career more full of suggestive thought."

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Here and Now Story Book Two to Seven Year Olds by Lucy Sprague Mitchel/Project Gutenberg

Click here. Published in 1921.

The Old-Fashioned Fairy Book by Constance Cary Harrison /Project Gutenberg

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ancient Man/Project Gutenberg

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My darling boys,

You are twelve and eight years old. Soon you will be grown up. You will leave home and begin your own lives. I have been thinking about that day, wondering what I could do to help you. At last, I have had an idea. The best compass is a thorough understanding of the growth and the experience of the human race. Why should I not write a special history for you?

So I took my faithful Corona and five bottles of ink and a box of matches and a bale of paper and began to work upon the first volume. If all goes well there will be eight more and they will tell you what you ought to know of the last six thousand years.

But before you start to read let me explain what I intend to do.

I am not going to present you with a textbook. Neither will it be a volume of pictures. It will not even be a regular history in the accepted sense of the word.

I shall just take both of you by the hand and together we shall wander forth to explore the intricate wilderness of the bygone ages.

I shall show you mysterious rivers which seem to come from nowhere and which are doomed to reach no ultimate destination.

I shall bring you close to dangerous abysses, hidden carefully beneath a thick overgrowth of pleasant but deceiving romance.

Here and there we shall leave the beaten track to scale a solitary and lonely peak, towering high above the surrounding country.

Unless we are very lucky we shall sometimes lose ourselves in a sudden and dense fog of ignorance.

Wherever we go we must carry our warm cloak of human sympathy and understanding for vast tracts of land will prove to be a sterile desert--swept by icy storms of popular prejudice and personal greed and unless we come well prepared we shall forsake our faith in humanity and that, dear boys, would be the worst thing that could happen to any of us.

I shall not pretend to be an infallible guide. Whenever you have a chance, take counsel with other travelers who have passed along the same route before. Compare their observations with mine and if this leads you to different conclusions, I shall certainly not be angry with you.

I have never preached to you in times gone by.

I am not going to preach to you today.

You know what the world expects of you--that you shall do your share of the common task and shall do it bravely and cheerfully.

If these books can help you, so much the better.

And with all my love I dedicate these histories to you and to the boys and girls who shall keep you company on the voyage through life.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Scottish Fairy Book/Project Gutenberg

"In preparing this book I have tried to make a representative collection from these different classes of Scottish Folklore, taking, when possible, the stories which are least well known, in the hope that some of them, at least, may be new to the children of this generation.

It may interest some of these children to know that when James IV was a little boy, nearly four hundred years ago, he used to sit on his tutor, Sir David Lindsay's, knee, and listen to some of the same stories that are written here:—to the story of Thomas the Rhymer, of the Red-Etin, and of The Black Bull of Norroway." ~ Elizabeth W. Grierson. Whitchesters, Hawick, N.B.,12th April, 1910.

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Through a Microscope /Project Gutenberg

Through a Microscope by Frederick Leroy Sargent, Mary Treat, and Samuel R. Wells, 1886


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