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Out and About: a Boy's Adventures, Written for Adventurous Boys/Google Books

To help and teach, to amuse, and to silently instill love and faith, boldness of heart, trust, and honesty in such boys, then—to do some little good to every reader—is the aim of this book. Each incident described is true; exaggeration and straining for effect have been kept quite out of our pages, and the dearest wish of the author is that the book may serve the purpose it was written for.

Title Out and About: a Boy's Adventures, Written for Adventurous Boys
Author James Hain Friswell
Illustrated by George Cruikshank
Publisher Groombridge and Sons, 1860
Length 326 pages

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Free Homeschooling Curriculum

A resource using the Robinson book list(Joyful Light Education). The books are all in public domain and available online; however this is a wonderful time saver. They have done the leg work and linked to each book. All but a few are available via this link list.

Also see their post on How to Organize a Free Curriculum.

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The Narrative English Grammar/Google Books

Title The Narrative English Grammar: with Exercises and Questions Illustrated
Chamber's Educational Course
Author Robert Armstrong
Publisher W. & R. Chambers, 1884
Length 54 pages

Click on image to enlarge for preview/example lesson.

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The Historical Novels Of Georg Ebers(Historical Fiction- Egypt )/Project Gutenberg

Georg Ebers (1837-1898), famous Egyptologist and novelist.



Egyptian Princess
The Sisters
The Emperor
Homo Sum
Bride of the Nile
A Thorny Path
In Fire of the Forge
Barbara Blomberg
A Word, Only a Word
The Burgomaster's Wife
Complete Short Works
The Story of My Life

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Ancient Tales and Folklore of Japan/Google Books

Title Ancient Tales and Folklore of Japan
Author Richard Gordon Smith
Illustrated by Mo-No-Yuki
Publisher A. & C. Black, 1908
Length 360 pages

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Stories of Ancient Peoples/Google Books

Title Stories of Ancient Peoples
Eclectic School Readings
Author Emma Josephine Arnold
Publisher American Book Company, 1901
Length 232 pages

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Masterpieces of the Great Artists, A.D. 1400-1700

Title Masterpieces of the Great Artists, A.D. 1400-1700
Author N. D'Anvers
Publisher G. Bell and sons, 1895
Length 85 pages

Greek Sculpture/Google Books

Title Greek Sculpture: A Collection of Sixteen Pictures of Greek Marbles, with Introduction and Interpretation
Riverside Art Series
Author Estelle May Hurll
Publisher Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1901
Length 97 pages

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Real Things in Nature/Google Books

Title Real Things in Nature: A Reading Book of Science for American Boys and Girls
Author Edward Singleton Holden
Publisher Macmillan, 1903
Length 443 pages

"The topics are grouped under nine general heads: Astronomy, Physics, Meteorology, Chemistry, Geology, Zoology, Botany, The Human Body, and The Early History of Mankind. The various parts of the volume give the answers to the thousand and one questions continually arising in the minds of youths at an age when habits of thought for life are being formed."

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November Multi-grade Short Stories, Poems, and Clip Art

Teachers Magazine, 1909(early - late elementary): Memory Gems for November

Early English Exploration with comprehension questions(older children)

Ways of Flowers 

Homes in Other Lands: Eskimos

The Pilgrims with a spelling and writing list
Nature Stories, Winter is Coming


The Transfiguration by Raphael, Art Study(middle school and up)


(School Classics)

Stories of the United States
By Anna C. Davis, 1896
The Pilgrims and the
First Thanksgiving Day—two chapters.

Stories of Colonial Children
By Mara L. Pratt, 1894
3d—4th Grades. Chapters on Pilgrims, In-
dian Visitors and First Thanksgiving.
Illus. 223 pp.

When the Birds Go North Again — Higginson.
The Pumpkin. The Corn Song — J. G. Whittier.
Death of the Flowers. — Bryant.
A Day — Emily Dickinson.

Blackboard Lessons for
Maude M. Grant

The Pilgrims were good people.
They lived in England.
The Pilgrims liked to go to church.
Their king was not kind to them.
He would not let them go to their own church.
So they left England and went to Holland.
The Pilgrims lived in Holland.
They lived there for twelve years.
They saw the wind-mills.
The wind-mills grind the corn.
The wind-mills pump the water.
The Dutch people live in Holland.
The Dutch boys and girls wear wooden shoes.
The Dutch people were kind to the Pilgrims.
The Pilgrims did not wish to live in Holland always.
They wanted a land of their own.
So they sailed across the sea.
The name of their boat was the Mayflower.
It was not a large boat.
The great green waves tossed the Mayflower about.
The Pilgrims sailed a long time over the sea.
The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth.
It was winter and very cold.
There were no houses.
The Pilgrims went into the woods.
They cut down trees and made log houses.
They made a church and a schoolhouse.
The Pilgrims met the Indians.
The Indians were kind to them.
They taught them how to hunt.
They taught them how to fish.
The Indians gave corn to the Pilgrims.
They showed them how to make corn bread.
The Pilgrims had to work very hard.
The winter was very long and cold.
The Pilgrims lived in log houses.
These houses were not warm.
Food was very scarce.
Sometimes the Pilgrims did not have enough to eat.
After awhile the Pilgrims did not have so hard a time. Their corn and vegetables grew and they had a fine harvest.
They caught wild turkeys in the woods.
Soon their barns were full.
They said, "Let us have a day of Thanksgiving.
Let us thank God for His blessings."
So they had the first Thanksgiving Day.

Poetry of the Seasons, A November Goodnight.

McGuffey Spellers/Project Gutenberg

Primer through grade 12. See An Old Fashioned Education for a grade-by-grade guide for these books.

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Comprehensive History of Western Civilization through 16th Century

This site is a wonderful resource! See their time line from the founding of Rome in 753 BC through 1566 - the Ottomans conquer European territories in the Balkans. Links to free resources and online books are given from the time line. The free books are page scans of the books with no comprehensive downloads offered; however, if you use the Google Books Search on my side bar, you may find it in a download friendly form(PDF). Also try Gutenberg Books, also on my side bar, and a general Google search.

Some of these books have already been listed here, but I will attempt to add more of them here.

They offer fairly reasonably priced CD collections as well.

Economics in One Lesson/Other

Downloads for this classic economics book written by Henry Hazlitt, 1946 here.

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Nature Study by Grades(One - Three)Teacher's Book/Google Books

Title Nature study by grades: teachers' book for primary grades, Volume 1
Author Horace Hall Cummings
Publisher American Book Co., 1908
Length 180 pages

I could not find the student's book, but this book could be used as both student and teacher's text.

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Nature Study by Grades - Sixth Through Ninth/Google Books

Covers topics by season.

Title Nature Study by Grades(a textbook for grades six, seven, and eight)
Author Horace Hall Cummings
Publisher American Book Company, 1910
Length 274 pages

Irish Fairy Tales/Google Books

Title Irish Fairy Tales
Author James Stephens
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
Publisher The Macmillan company, 1920
Length 314 pages