Thursday, May 31, 2007

Children's Catholic Lives Of Saints Books

Little Saint Therese by Margaret Mary Myers, Second or third grade reading level.

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Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories by Burnett, Frances Hodgson

Google Book Search/Middle School and Highschool Math Books

First Year Mathematics For Secondary School(Algebra)

Teacher's Manual for First Year Mathematics For Secondary Schools.

Elementary Algebra: First Year

Elementary Algebra: Second Year

Elements of Algebra

Elements of the Differential Calculus

A Course in Mathematical Analysis Volume I and Volume II

Google Book Search/Vintage Children's Readers


The Mother Goose Primer

New Beacon Reader

Wheeler's graded readers: A Primer

Primer By Maud Summers, Lucy Fitch Perkins

First Grade:

A Child's Reader In Verse by By Emma L. Eldridge

McGuffey's New First Eclectic Reader 19th century edition

Introduction to The Gradual Reader, 19th century enunciator

Jones First Reader

Stories from the Poets - First Grade Reader

First Reader By Maude Parmly

The First Reader

The First Reader Series Fifth Grade

Elson Grammar School Reader First Grade

The Child's World First Reader

The Beacon First Grade Reader

Everyday Classics First Reader

Second Grade:

School Reading By Grade Second Year by James Baldwin

Children's Second Grade Reader by Ellen Cyr

Jones Second Grade Reader

Nature Study in Elementary Schools, Readers

A Second Grade Reader

The Beacon Second Grade Reader

Pathways in Nature and Literature: A Second Reader

Third Grade:

Children's Classics Third Reader by Georgia Alexander

Swinton's Third Grade Reader by William Swinton

Third Reader

Jones Third Grade Reader

McGuffey's Natural History Readers: Familiar Animals and Their Wild Kindred

Nature Study in Elementary Schools, Readers

New Barnes Readers - Third Grade

The Riverside Third Grade Reader

Wheeler's Graded Readers Third Grade

McGuffey's Natural History Readers: Familiar Animals and Their Wild Kindred

The Wide Awake Reader

The Child's Country Story Book

The Beacon Third Grade Reader

The American Normal Readers

The Eaton Readers Third Grade

The Merrill Readers Third Grade

Fourth Grade:

Children's Classics Fourth Reader by Georgia Alexander

School Reading By Grades Fourth Year by James Baldwin

Children's Fourth Reader by Ellen Cyr

The Standard Fourth Reader By Epes Sargent(older, but interesting) and another earlier edition with scriptural proverbs.

The Child's Fourth Book

Jones Fourth Grade Reader

Fourth Grade Reader

Harper's Fourth Reader By James Baldwin

Classics Old and New Fourth Grade

The Kipling Reader for Elementary Grades

Stepping Stones to Literature Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade:

Children's Classics Fifth Reader by Georgia Alexander

The National Fifth Reader(Section I is elocution) Older, but interesting.

Fifth Reader

McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader

The New McGuffey Fifth Reader

New National Fifth Reader(Google mislabled this as a third grade reader)

Monroe's New Fifth Reader with elocution. 19th century.

Jones Fifth Grade Reader

Fifth Grade Reader

The Fifth Reader

Farm Life Readers Fifth Grade

Story Hour Readings: Fifth Grade

The Child's Companion

Fifth Reader

The American Normal Readers

The Golden Door Book Fifth Grade Reader

Sixth Grade:

A Reader For Sixth Grade

Children's Classics Sixth Reader by Georgia Alexander

The Sixth Reader of the Popular Series with elocution, 19th century

Graded Literature Readers Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade:

Reader For Seventh Grade

Harper's Seventh Reader By James Baldwin

Everyday Classics Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade:

The Elson Readers Eighth Grade

Baldwin Reader Eighth Grade

Everyday Classics Eighth Grade

Brooks's Readers Eighth Grade Reader

Ungraded/Multiple Grades:
The Young Reader: Young Reader By John Pierpont, published in 1839, stories to teach morals. No grade assigned but looks to be advanced third - fourth grade.

The Literary Reader for Higher Grades

Ontario(Canadian) Graded Readers

Hiawatha Primer and The Book of Nature Myths: Grade levels are not mentioned, but it appears to cover grade two - grade four. Primers are meant for beginning readers.

Google Book Search/ Catholic Vintage Readers


Ideal Catholic Reader Primer

First Grade:

The Ideal Catholic Reader First Reader

Standard Catholic Reader First Year(Incorrect title on Google)

Second Grade:

The Ideal Catholic Reader Second Reader

Standard Catholic Reader Second Year

Third Grade:

Ideal Catholic Reader Third Reader

Fourth Grade:

Standard Catholic Reader Fourth Year

Fifth Grade:

Ideal Catholic Reader Fifth Grade

De la Salle Fifth Reader