Thursday, July 28, 2011

Landmarks of History/Google Books

Title Landmarks of History. Modern history: from the Reformation to the fall of Napoleon.
Author Charlotte Mary Yonge
Publisher Walter Smith, 1882
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Title Landmarks of Recent History, 1770-1883
Author Charlotte Mary Yonge
Publisher Walter Smith, 1883
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Title Questions on history, ancient, middle ages, and modern, to be answered from the Landmarks of History
Authors Mary Marsh HARRIS, Charlotte Mary Yonge
Published 1861
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Astronomy with an Opera-glass /Project Gutenburg

Astronomy with an Opera-glass
A Popular Introduction to the Study of the Starry Heavens with the Simplest of Optical Instruments
by Garrett Putman Services, 1890

"Being convinced that whoever will survey the heavens with a good opera-glass will feel repaid many fold for his time and labor, I have undertaken to point out some of the objects most worthy of attention, and some of the means of making acquaintance with the stars.

First, a word about the instrument to be used. Galileo made his famous discoveries with what was, in principle of construction, simply an opera-glass. This form of telescope was afterward abandoned because very high magnifying powers could not be employed with it, and the field of view was restricted. But, on account of its brilliant illumination of objects looked at, and its convenience of form, the opera-glass is still a valuable and, in some respects, unrivaled instrument of observation."

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saint Nicholas Children's Magazine: Short Stories for July/Project Gutenberg

St. Nicholas v. 13 No. 9 July 1886 by Various
Contains historical and summer interest stories which are simple to copy and paste(HTML version) for printing.
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More issues here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Keepers of the Trail: A Story of the Great Woods/Google Books

Title The Keepers of the Trail: A Story of the Great Woods
Author Joseph Alexander Altsheler
Publisher Appleton, 1916
Length 323 pages

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Part of The Young Trailers Series

* The Young Trailers, a story of early Kentucky (1907)
* The Forest Runners, a story of the great war trail in early Kentucky (1908)
* The Keepers of the Trail, a story of the great woods (1916)
* The Eyes of the Woods, a story of the ancient wilderness (1917)
* The Free Rangers, a story of the early days along the Mississippi (1909)
* The Riflemen of the Ohio, a story of early days along "the beautiful river" (1910)
* The Scouts of the Valley, a story of Wyoming and the Chemung (1911)
* The Border Watch, a story of the great chief’s last stand (1912)

Historical children's fiction about frontier life in Kentucky.

I'll fill in links to the other books soon.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gunpowder Treason And Other Stories for Boys/Project Gutenberg

Gunpowder Treason and Plot by Harold Avery, R. B. Townshend, and Fred Whishaw, 1901, Thomas Nelson & Sons.

Late elementary-middle school, exciting and adventurous short stories for boys. Click here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern/Project Gutenberg

Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern by Hamilton Wright Mabie, 1846-1916.

"The plan of this Work is simple, and yet it is novel. In its distinctive features it differs from any compilation that has yet been made. Its main purpose is to present to American households a mass of good reading. But it goes much beyond this. For in selecting this reading it draws upon all literatures of all time and of every race, and thus becomes a conspectus of the thought and intellectual evolution of man from the beginning. Another and scarcely less important purpose is the interpretation of this literature in essays by scholars and authors competent to speak with authority."

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Remaining volumes here.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Basket of Flowers/Google Books

Title The Basket of Flowers; or, Piety and Truth Triumphant
Authors Johann Christoph von Schmid, Mary Martha Sherwood
Editor Gregory Townsend Bedell
Published 1882
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Synopsis from Lamplighter Press(CBD):
"James, the king's gardener, teaches his 15-year-old daughter Mary all the principles of godliness through his flowers. She is falsely accused of stealing, banished from the village, and left homeless. Mary remembers her father's lessons and continues to trust her life to God's care. A remarkable tale of recompense and redemption."

Thursday, July 7, 2011



"This volume of stories of the World War is prepared to meet this important need, and to set before the pupils the war's unparalleled deeds of heroism, with the aims and ideals which have inspired them, and which have led American youth to look upon the sacrifice of life as none too high a price to pay for the liberation of mankind.

It may be used as a reading book or as an historical reader for the upper grammar grades. While great care has been employed to secure accuracy of fact and to select material of permanent value, the stories are written in a manner that will appeal to children."

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Four American Naval Heroes Paul Jones, Admiral Farragut, Oliver H. Perry, Admiral Dewey/Project Gutenberg

Title: Four American Naval Heroes
Paul Jones, Admiral Farragut, Oliver H. Perry, Admiral Dewey

Author: Mabel Beebe

Commentator: James Baldwin

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Advice to Sunday School Children/Project Gutenberg

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Covers twelve topics:

1. Be early and constant in your attendance at School.
2. Be very attentive to instruction.
3. Be silent in your Class.
4. Be thankful to your Teachers.
5. Honour and obey your parents.
6. Love your Brothers and Sisters.
7. Reverence the Lord's day.
8. Read daily in the Bible.
9. Pray to God constantly.
10. Take a cheerful part in the praises of God.
11. Abhor Swearing.
12. Avoid bad company

The British Museum for Young People(Ancient History)/Other

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Chapter 1 - Prehistoric Times pg 5-30
Chapter 2 - Britain--A Roman Province pg 31-44
Chapter 3 - Greece and the Greeks (pt 1) pg 45-57
Chapter 4 - Greece and the Greeks (pt 2) pg 58-74
Chapter 5 - Greece and the Greeks (pt 3) pg 75-92
Chapter 6 - Egypt (pt 1) pg 93-109
Chapter 7 - Egypt (pt 2) pg 110-125
Chapter 8 - Egypt (pt 3) pg 126-142
Chapter 9 - Babylonia and Assyria (pt 1) pg 143-157
Chapter 10 - Babylonia and Assyria (pt 2) pg 158-176
Chapter 11 - Babylonia and Assyria (pt 3) pg 177-188
Chapter 12 - How Britain Became England pg 189-212