Saturday, June 30, 2007

Download, Viewing And Printing Tips

The most efficient way to download entire Project Gutenberg texts with or without illustrations is click on the HTML format on the download page, or plain text format if you don't want images(or if they are not available), and let the entire book load. Don't choose the "zip" option for downloading.

After it loads, right click and "select all". Then click on "save as" and the entire book will download in seconds. On my browser, "save as" is on my drop down menu after clicking "page" on my toolbar.

These tips will work for other resources as well. The only exception is the Google Book Reader which would not allow me to right click. Update: I figured it out - switch to HTML mode and you can save and print pages. Look at the bottom of the sidebar once you begin reading your Google book. There are three modes: standard(default), HTML and plain text. I have not been able to copy the entire books using "select all". Pages at Google can only be saved a page at a time unless you download it.

This is so much faster(if you have a slow connection) than using the zip file option on the download page. If you find that you need more computer storage space, download the file to a handy-dandy portable personal storage space, a USB flash drive AKA: thumbdrive:

These things are wonderful for storage. I keep all my important files and pictures on this 2 GB Sandisk, and it's easy to plug into any computer. This makes it very convenient to use for printing your books at the copy shop. This USB flash drive device can easily store a large library of books, and it becomes a library to go.

Note: The plug retracts for easy portability, and it's got a leash for carrying around the neck. There are other versions which can attach to your key chain.

HT to Christine at As The House Turns, for asking about book downloads.

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