Thursday, December 15, 2011

Search My Google Books Library with Key Words

I've got 4000+ books in my favorites at my Google bookshelf. All are geared toward education and learning, so if you browse with key terms, you'll get a nice long list of books to search. Only a small portion of these books have been listed here on this blog. You'll find one difference, I put all links here on my blog in HTML so that individual pages or illustrations can be printed.

You can do this yourself if you use the link for my Google bookshelf. Just choose the plain text version of the book(right hand corner of any page in the book), then change the link to HTML by deleting "text" and adding "html". Then you can right click on the images of the pages and save them to your computer.

Click here my Google bookshelf .

This link is also on my sidebar.

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