Monday, March 28, 2011

The Whole Year Round/Google Books

Title The Whole Year Round
Author Dallas Lore Sharp
Publisher Houghton Mifflin company., 1915
Length 503 pages
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"THE writer of this book has four children of his own, and not so very long ago (he can remember it) he was a child himself, and roamed the fields, as still he does, with all the child's love of freedom and joy in the companionship of wild things

— wild lives, wild winds, wild places, and the wild hours along the edge of dusk and dawn. And if he has any right to ask other children than his own to . tramp the wild places with him through the pages of this book it is because he is still a child and cannot outgrow his love of Saturdays and skates and deep woods and the ways of the wild folk, great and small; and because, again, he has tramped the wild places (for his home is in the woods) more than most of his readers, perhaps, and tramped them the seasons round

— stormy nights and lazy autumn days, and summer and winter; and he has seen — only what his readers; have seen, no doubt, — the ordinary things, but he has often felt, as all children do at times feel, strange deep things, things more wonderful than anybody ever saw. And yet the ordinary things, ordinary only because we have not watched them and thought about them, are really what we are going out to see; and we are going out in an ordinary way — upon our two feet..."

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Eva said...

This one is interesting. I have a modern book called "All Year Round," which seems to be similar. I have to compare the two.