Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Multi-grade Stories and Lessons/Google Books and Others

Seventh Grade December Ethics Lessons

Children's December Picture Study(Holy Family) (very short)

Children's 1916 Christmas Memory Gem(early elementary)

December Christmas Picture Study
(long, pages 56-73): Corregio, Murillo, and others

Early Elementary Short Story: The Legend of Saint Christopher and the Christ Child

A Free Printable Christmas(Story of Christ) Unit Study 

The Princess's Pearls - a young spoiled girl learns the true meaning of Christmas.

Children's Christmas Cut and Pastes 

Poinsettia Study(elementary school)

Christmas Bells Poem

Children's Christmas Cut-out Bible Story

Christmas Themed Fifth and Sixth Grade Children's Literature/Google Books

Baldwin Online Christmas Stories(numerous)

Easy Star Lessons-December

Handbook of Nature Study: for Teachers and Pupils in Elementary Schools/December Birds in Northern States

A Second Reader: Designed to Teach Animated, Expressive, Oral Reading/December readings pages 67-86.

Sunday Morning in the Kindergarten, pages 142-153: Birth of Jesus, Story of the Shepherds, and The Wisemen.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Lessons - Early Elementary - Middle School

Thanksgiving and Christmas Lessons - High School.

Stories and Legends of Winter, Christmas, and New Year's Day(The Pearl Story Book)

Elementary Geography, "Zones and Their Boundaries(December)"

With Mr.Pickwick at Christmas, eighth grade reader

Poulsson, Emilie: A Legend of Mercy (Top of the World Series). 

Miller, Mrs. H.: Christmas in a Baggage Car, Lottie's Christmas Tree (Kristy's Rainy Day Picnics). 

Christmas and New Year in Mexico, Metropolitan magazine, 1906

Las Posadas(Mexican Christmas festival), Boys' Life, 1974, readable online only - two page article with color photos.

The Christmas Tree, The Basket Woman: a Book of Fanciful Indian Tales for Children
By Mary Hunter Austin.

......more later.

All Google Books are linked in HTML, so pages may be printed, if desired. Simply right click of the image of the pages at the links, and save.

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