Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Old World Background/Google Books

Title Our Old World Background
Authors Charles Austin Beard, William Chandler Bagley
Publisher The Macmillan company, 1922
Length 504 pages

Very general coverage...probably for fifth or sixth grade.


Eva said...

Lepanto Press has a book by the same name, but the authors are different (Edmund J. Goebel, Thomas J. Quigley, and John E. O'Loughlin). OLVS uses that one. I wonder how different they are.

Alexandra said...

I was trying to find that one free online, but found this one instead. I haven't looked at the Lapanto one, but I think that it is probably more sympathetic to Catholic issues. I did notice that this edition didn't have much good to say about Charles I of England. It wasn't anti-Catholic though - just showing the progression of parliamentary rule and the weakening of the the Kings authority. The fact that England distrusted Catholic kings was not mentioned, or downplayed - I only read a few pages in two chapters.
King Charles believed himself to be divinely ordained which was the reason behind his actions. This isn't covered, but the book is meant to be brief. I think a Catholic text would fill in these details.

I'm going to try Lepanto(OLV) history for eighth grade. It's so difficult to pick a history text.

Eva said...

We have "The Old World and America." It gives a good overview of the periods. We use it to summarize our history studies. We also like Van Loon's history book.

You are right, though. There are way too many history texts! Do you know Gombrich's "A Little History of the World"? It's originally a German book, but has been translated. I got in from the library. It's written in an engaging style, but definately for older students.

Alexandra said...

Thanks for the information. I've looked at Van Loon's(briefly), but it's good to get a recommendation from you.

I'm not familiar with Gombrich, but I'll look it up. Your public library sounds fabulous! Sadly, ours has gotten rid of the older books leaving a lot of newer junk books.

We are in transition with curriculum, so I am looking at options for 8th grade and beyond. I'll miss Rod & Staff; they end at 8th grade. Eighth grade covers mostly Mennonite issues, so we will stop using all but the English book at the seventh grade level. My son is working through the last Rod & Staff mathematics book this year. It was a wonderful all-in-one curriculum for the younger grades, and I didn't have to do much planning. It covered the basics well and then some. I've been spoiled!

Eva said...

I'm in a similar situation. We're using Live Education!, but after grade 8, I will have to find something else. Are you familiar with the Learning Style Tests from Mercy Acacemy? They give you suggestions for what kind of books to use with your child and also give you a very detailed description of your child's learning style. If you are interested, I can give you the link.

Alexandra said...

Oh, those learning style tests are so helpful! Thanks so much. I do know that site. We didn't do that one; however, we have done others. It is closely related to the Myers Brigg Type Indicator(MBTI) for personality type. There are versions of the MBTI for young people, and we have done this as well. My son has been easy since he is very much like me, and a bit like his dad. He is a familiar personality. My daughter is a bit more like my husband - she is a wild card though...still developing her style.

We seem to be a houseful of reflective easy going introspectives, so there is much harmony in this respect.

My son is a primarily a visual learner.

Eva said...

What I really like about the Mercy Academy one is the fact that you get a one page list with resources and book recommendations for most subjects. That was very helpful for me.

Alexandra said...

That does sound enticing! I'm curious now...maybe I'll try it. Thanks!