Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Evening in Autumn(Social Studies)/Google Books

" The name of this newly invented game," said she, "shall be the Useful Amusement, because it will combine use with pleasure. Each of you being provided with a pencil and paper, shall write a question—ask something you wish to know; as, What is coffee ? What is tea ? and so on. Now, since these different things may come from different parts of the world, we will have maps laid ready upon the table, to look for each place.

Tea comes from China—we will look for China; Coffee from Arabia—well, we will then find Arabia. And in this manner you will learn two things at once, and gain knowledge even whilst you play."

"That will be delightful," said Charlotte, a clever little girl about eight years old; " but who is to answer our questions?"

Title: An Evening in Autumn; or, The Useful Amusement: Intended for Children
Publisher: Printed for Harvey and Darton, 1821
Length: 110 pages


Eva said...

This looks like an interesting mix of information and lively story.

Alexandra said...

Yes, I think this would keep the interest of a young child...a good unit study starter/inspiration, perhaps.