Friday, July 23, 2010

The Children's Picture-book of Useful Knowledge/Google Books

Title The Children's Picture-book of Useful Knowledge
Author Meredith Jones
Publisher Bell and Daldy, 1862
Length 260 pages

"Preface: In the 'Children's Bible Picture-Book', I told my little friends about God; how He made the world, with every living thing upon it, and sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live, as a man, in it, that He might at last bring us to live with Him in heaven. In the Picture-Book of great and good men, I told them about men who had done great, or good, or useful deeds. I shall now tell them something about food, clothing, and shelter; for I sometimes hear children asking questions about these things, when there is no one at hand to answer them. Here they can read for themselves what they want to know, and when they have finished, they may, if they like, turn to the questions at the end of the book, and find out how much they remember of what they have read. For reading, without remembering, I must tell them, is of very little use."

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