Monday, November 9, 2009

Bold and Brave by Horatio Alger/Project Gutenburg

For about 4th through sixth grades. Click here.


What does the Horatio Alger "Strive and Succeed" philosophy consist of? Are there contemporary versions of it?
There are several elements in the Horatio Alger "Strive and Succeed" Philosophy:

* hard work
* study (informal rather than formal)
* loyalty to superiors and subordinates
* abstaining from alcohol
* frugal living
* importance of dress and personal grooming
* personal integrity
* speaking and writing effectively
* non-credal religious values (Unitarian)
* avoidance of violence and revenge
* speaking the whole truth
* brotherhood of males (family without a mother)
* obligation to help and protect the weak and unfortunate
* duty to mother and/or sisters
* courtesy to all
* accepting the success of others
* emphasis on a secure home
* accept assistance of benefactors
* expectation of own success, acceptance
* eschew class hatred

The Alger success formula seems very like what one finds in _The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin_. Alger's code is less pragmatic and more altruitstic than Poor Richard's. Alger's code imposes significant personal obligations, but it is not at all individualistic. The Alger code does not seem to have much in common with those individuals labeled "Horatio Alger success stories."

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