Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peter and Polly Readers/Google Books

There is no mention of grade, but I think it may be advanced second grade, early third. These books are free to read online, download, or print(right click on image of page). Pages are printable as long as you have them set on HTML(bottom of Google Book pages). I've linked the pages defaulted to HTML. The standard mode allows scrolling through the pages, but excludes printable pages.

Peter and Polly in Autumn by Rose Lucia

American Book Co., 1918
Length 176 pages

Also see:

Peter and Polly in Winter

Peter and Polly in Spring

Peter and Polly in Summer

Peter and Polly Dolls, not related, but cute vintage craft activity for the lower grades.


Sarah said...

Thank you so much for the links to these great readers. They are delightful! I found that all of them can be downloaded in PDF format except Peter and Polly in Spring. Seems you can read it online via open library only. Am I correct or have I missed something? I really would like to have it in PDF format. Do you know how I can do this?
Thanks again.

Alexandra said...

Unfortunately, Google Books is now limiting access to downloads for some of their public domain books.

I will try to try find a PDF version and link here later this evening. Project Gutenberg may have it, but I will check other sources as well.

Alexandra said...

I found a page with the PDF download here:

Look up to the right(at the link) for the PDF download button.

I hope this helps.

Sarah said...

Got it! Thanks so much.