Monday, February 9, 2009

Scenes in Africa/Google Books

This is a fascinating children's book Published in 1824 about North Africa, Central Africa, and South Africa. Of course, times have changed, and if read, should be read with an understanding that it is a glimpse back into old Africa. The style of writing reminds me of historical fiction written for children, so it's comfortably read even if out of date in regards to people and places. There is nothing dry or boring about this book, yet a lot of information and pictures are packed into each chapter.

I skimmed the initial section on North Africa and did not see anything written in a disrespectful manner. The author, a Christian minister writes as many Quaker authors would in that time period, without negative regard to race or religion. The book is mislabeled by Google as a book about America instead of Africa. The slave trade, abolished in Rev. Taylor's native England is described in detail and condemned.

Scenes in Africa: For the Amusement and Instruction of Little Tarry-at-home Travellers
By Rev. Isaac Taylor
Published by John Harris, 1824(England)
120 pages

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