Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Multigrade Story Printables for April and May

All are free and in public domain. Printing Google Books: Follow the link, right click on the image of the page, and print picture. It will print as a full sized page. Entire books are also downloadable.

The Lincoln Fourth Grade Reader: Voices of Spring Poem by William Wordsworth.

Games and Songs of American Children: Flower Games and the Birch Broom.

Standard Catholic Fourth Grade Reader: The Daisy and the Lark by Hans Christian Anderson

The Little Girl's Own Book of Games and Activities: May Morning.Elementary school.

Three Years with the Poets: A Text-book of Poetry - First grade: Verses from the Song of Solomon and Pippa's Song by Robert Browning. Second grade: April, the Runaway Brook and Little May Spring, Song of the Fairy by William Shakespeare More here, pages 70-76.
Third grade: pages 103-105 and 131-138.

A little about the Flower Festivals in Japan from The World and Its People.

For the Story Teller: Story Telling and Stories to Tell: The Selfish Giant. Elementary school.

Reading-literature: Fourth(Grade) Reader Apollo and Daphne

Nature Study in Elementary Schools - Second Grade: April - May Teacher's manual: April through May Synopsis and April - May course of study.

Language Lessons from Literature(high school): Rhoecus

The New Barnes Third Grade Reader: Rhoecus

The Classic Myths in English Literature(high school): Rhoecus and here.

Junior High School Literature Book Three(ninth grade): Rhoecus Poems: Lines Written in Early Spring, Wordsworth, the Call of Spring, Noyes and April North Carolina.

Stories from the Poets: A Reader for the First Grade: Rhoecus

Day by Day in the Primary School(early elementary) : April and May.

The Child's World Fourth Grade: Rhoecus

Children's Literature: A Story of Springtime(Myth) and The Miraculous Pitcher(Philemon and Baucis) by N. Hawthorne

Elson Primary Fourth Grade School Reader: The Miraculous Pitcher(Philemon and Baucis) by N. Hawthorne

The Progressive Road to Reading Fifth Grade: The Miraculous Pitcher(Philemon and Baucis) by N. Hawthorne

The Young and Field Literary Readers: Old Pipes and the Dryad.

A Fourth Grade Reader: Old Pipes and the Dryad.

Spring Nature Study(elementary school)

Farm Life Fourth Grade Reader: The Little Brown Seed(poem)

The Robin Reader - A First Reader: Two Little Seeds

The Sprague Classic Second Grade Reader: The Story of a little Plant,Pussy Willow Has Come, and Spring.

Good English, Oral and Written Fourth Grade: Baby Seed Song(poem)

Live Language Lessons: Springtime Stories, Persephone(middle school)

Songs of Happy Life: April music sheet.

New Fifth Grade Reader: Spring(poem) and Early Spring, Tennyson(poem)

The Heart of Oak Books Sixth Grade: The Dandelion(poem).

Story Land - A Second Reader: Baby Seed's Song(poem) and A Spring Folic.

Poems and Verses By Mary Mapes Dodge:
Now the Noisy Winds Are Still.

Nature Study and the Child: Work for April

St. Nicholas By Mary Mapes Dodge: The Hyacinths

Kindergarten Stories and Morning Talks: April - May.

Brooks's Seventh Grade Reader: Spring(Poem) and April and May poems, pages 131-132.

Cyr's Fourth Grade Reader(mislabeled on Google): Biography of Tennyson. Two of his spring poems: Early Spring and The Progress of Spring.

The Elson Eighth Grade Reader: Flowers in the Crannied Wall, Tennyson. Same in fifth grade reader.

A School Second Grade Reader: Ceres and Propserpine.

Lessons in Art - A Book for Class-work: Ceres and Proserpine.

American Primary Teacher: Lesson Plans for April - May.

Evenings with Grandpa: A May Morning, Milton and The Story of the Season Proserpine.

The Fifth Grade Reader: An April Day

Flower Children - Little Cousins of the Field

Songs of Happy Life: See bottom of table of contents - Natures and Seasons

Little Flower Folks(nature science - botany)

In celebration of Shakespeake's birthday on April 23th:

Three Years with the Poets(second grade): Lullaby for Tatiana

The Jones Fourth Grade Reader: Voice of Spring(Poem) and The Magic Juice(Midsummer's Night's Dream)

Shakespeare for Children.

Also see my daffodil post.

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