Sunday, March 16, 2008

Children's Lent, Holy Week and Easter Printables

To print/save pages: follow link, right click on image of the book page only, print picture or save picture. Entire books can be downloaded as well - see download button at link(upper right on sidebar).

Open Sesame!: Poetry and Prose for School-days, middle school: Lent, Good Friday, and Easter hymn.

The Every-day Book and Table Book, 1839 London: Good Friday discussion of traditions, high school.

A History of English Literature, discussion of Easter dramas/pageantry during the middle ages and Renaissance, high school.

Stories to Tell to Children, Robert of Sicily, a king who finds redemption at Easter, elementary school.

Monumental Christianity: Or, The Art and Symbolism of the Primitive Church , Jesus as Sufferer Passover, high school.

The Christ Story By Eva March Tappan, elementary school.

The Catholic children's magazine, Passion Flowers and Snowdrops, elementary school.

Poems by Grades: A Song of Easter, third grade.

Educating by Story-telling: The Rabbit and the Easter Eggs(Bavarian Folk Tale) and The Easter Eggs, a story in ethics.

Elson Second Grade Reader: The Easter Rabbit, Teacher's Manual for this story.

The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holy Days , high school

The Book of Easter, for young and old, stories and poems.

Good English:Easter customs, third grade.

Festival Poems: Eastertide, young and old.

Games of Dutch Children, Easter, elementary school.

One Year of Sunday School Lessons for Young Children: Easter

Lesson Stories for the Kindergarten Grades of the Bible: Easter

In My Nursery: The Easter Hen, a poem, early elementary school.

The Nursery Magazine for Young People: Hunting for Easter Eggs, early elementary school.

For the Children's Hour : Easter stories, including the Snowdrop, elementary school.

Elson Primary School Reader: Easter Play(German tale)

Outlines for Kindergarten and Primary Classes: Easter/Spring/April, some of the recommended reading resources are in public domain available at GoogleBooks.

The American Normal Readers Second Grade(Catholic): Palm Sunday, Easter, The Easter Lily, The Lily.

Child-garden Story, Song, Play: The First Easter, elementary school.

First Poems: Easter Lily, elementary school.

The Goose Quill
: Easter lesson, what the Bible says about lilies, elementary school.

An Easter Surprise(Lesson 15, pages 150-151), Kindergarten or preschool.

A Thought for Passion Week, and Easter Message, and The Children's Easter Hymns.

The Children's Hour: More About Easter Eggs, elementary school.

Stories for Sunday Telling: Bunny Bobtail's Easter, The Wonder Egg, and Harold's Happy Easter, early elementary school.

Stories for Every Holiday: Finding Easter, elementary school.

World Stories Retold for Modern Boys and Girls: The First Easter Day, elementary school.

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